Derek Forbort

Aaron Vickers

Athletic, big and a smooth skater. Skates well for his size and has good overall mobility, agility and balance on his blades. Moves the puck well as he can either make a solid outlet pass or carry the puck himself. When he does have the puck his long reach and swooping stride make getting it from him extra difficult. Game is ultra raw but he is a high character kid who is willing to put in the work to get better. Has one of the highest upsides in the entire draft.  Is still gangly and needs to grow into his frame as his defensive zone mobility need improvement against faster forwards. Some wonder about his decision making as he often runs himself out of options and throws shots and passes into closed lanes. Needs to ll out his frame and better condition himself to the pro game. An element that is missing in the six-foot- five defenders game is the physical play you would like to see in him. (May 2010)