Dennis Yan

Aaron Vickers

A goal scorer who can make a difference on the score sheet with not much time or space. Yan is a good skater with a good top speed when he gets his wheels going. Mobility was okay for his size. He could work on his skating. His puck skills are excellent and he has the ability to handle the puck in traffic. He often gains the zone, tries to deke or fakes out the defenseman, then curls back to look for a trailer. He isn’t really one to try to deke a defenseman one-on-one with quick dekes too often. Yan’s passing play might be underrated by some, but he is a very good playmaker; he always has his head high when in control of the puck. He can also open up space for his teammates to make a play by slowing down the play at times. His finishing skills are his bread and butter though. He has a very quick shot release. He can slide into the slot to get a great scoring chance or get close to the net for rebounds and deflections. Yan is not physical at all–he stays away from board battles. Though he stays close enough to support teammates, he rarely jumps in as the second guy for his team in these battles. He is very smart with the puck and makes quick decisions. His defensive play is so-so; he is often not aware of where the player is who he is supposed to cover. His game is lacking intensity and drive that is. (May 2015)