Dennis Cholowski

Aaron Vickers

Cholowski is an extremely raw young defenseman. He is very thin and undeveloped physically. He is an elegant skater who moves around the ice with great footwork and fluidity. While clearly lacking in strength, he still is able to zig-zag around the ice powerfully. His edge work is great, and once he builds more power he will be a dominant skater. He maintains good angles off the rush and has a great stick. He consistently breaks up plays with great stick positioning and makes it difficult for players to generate offense by constantly pestering puck carriers. His anticipation is seen at both ends of the rink as he quickly steps in front of lanes to thwart attacks, and also quickly identified transitional opportunities to jump start his team’s offensive attack. Cholowski shows great vision through the middle of the ice and is a constant threat to expose mistakes with his quick identification of developing opportunities. He handles the puck deftly and uses his long reach to change passing angles. Cholowski has a very weak shot from the point, but that is something that can improve with time. He has everything that is very difficult to teach—anticipation, instincts and a long, athletic stride with great edges. On the other hand, everything that he lacks—such as strength and defensive positioning—can be taught. He has great upside as an all-situations puckmover with the smarts to create offense.   (May 2016)