Denis Mikhnin

Aaron Vickers

A slick, skilled winger in the classic Russian sniper mold…generates great burst with quick, shifty feet…top speed is also an asset as he gets from point A to point B quickly…lateral shiftiness and ability to shake defenders starts with his feet but is complimented with creative, quick puck skills…keeps full control of the puck and can make some pretty skilled dekes at full speed…possesses a lethal wrist shot that has loads of velocity behind it and is pin point accurate…can get a strong shot off while in mid stride…has good sense for where the openings are in the offensive zone…protects the puck using his shifty hands and clever body positioning…willing to stick his nose in the gritty areas on the ice…displays pushback when the opposition gets physical…has strong on-ice vision…needs work on his overall game as right now he is a pure offensive machine…potential of a top line goal scorer but also some bust risk as well.  (November 2016)