Denis Malgin

Aaron Vickers

A smallish but quick and skilled, instinctive offensive point producer. Creates chances for
both he and his line mates and is strong in possession. Has slick hands and likes to dangle the
puck if given the space. Sees the ice well and finds open lanes. Always on the move creating
time and space. Good acceleration and can hit top speed in just three to four strides. He is shifty
due to his size and lower body strength coupled with very slippery agility. Is strong on his skates
for his size and balanced making it difficult for opponents to knock him off the puck if they do get
a piece of him. Slick in possession as he has the ability to weave through defenders with speed
while looking for options and maintaining possession. Not the strongest physical player around
but is solid and has that determination that a small forward needs to succeed. What he lacks in
size, he makes up for in hard work. Will drive to the net every chance he gets to look for scoring
chances, and is offensively savvy. When he sees no other options he does not hesitate to wire
the puck off the goalie’s pads just to create a rebound for his teammate in front. Usually opts for
his wrist shot that has a quick release and he can easily change the velocity depending on the
range and need. Has good battle/compete and a motor that just keeps running.  (May 2015)