Denis Guryanov

Aaron Vickers

The big Russian winger is a speedy and skilled forward who has potent offensive ability.
A very quick skater who can pick up steam in an instant and break plays open. Guryanov is a poised
puck carrier who has a long reach and great hands to remain elusive to checkers. He has no problem
transitioning the puck and moving the play around the offensive zone, even though he tries to tackle
these tasks with a bit of selfishness. When Guryanov does see a passing lane, he will execute. He
can find small windows of opportunity and is confident in hitting a streaking teammate’s stick. Guryanov
has a good sense of the offensive zone, especially finding open ice. He’s not just a flash and
dash player, he goes into corners, throws his body around and drags plays to the front of his net.
He fights through checks to get loose in order to get the puck on net. He has a lethal shot that
he can get off quickly. Shot selection is perfect and all of which have high velocity. Easily has a
pro ready release and displays a powerful snap shot off the one-timer as he steps into the puck
with all of his weight behind it. We like his compete level all over the ice and willingness to
play responsibly. He sees some time on the penalty kill and powerplay. He is good at reading
the play and keeping himself in a good position. Defensively, Guryanov challenges the point
man, takes away space and limits options, all while being a danger to turn the play back
the other way. We like his physical game but he can go overboard at times and get himself
and his team into penalty trouble in the process. Loves to lay the body and looks to drive
the opposition through the boards. Pretty quick on the backcheck to pick up his man, but
would like to see a consistent effort in the defensive zone. Heading up ice without the
puck, Guryanov puts himself in the right position to get a pass. He has a flashy, creative
side with the puck, which is made possible with his quick hands in tight. Has an explosive
stride when he needs it; he is a balanced skater who is hard to push around.
Really the full package of size and skill. Another prospect who really had a strong
showing at the U18’s this past April. Had a cup of coffee with Lada Togliatti in the
KHL this season and expects to play there full time next season.  (May 2015)