David Quenneville

Aaron Vickers

Quenneville plays a competitive and gritty game for his size. A smooth, deceptive skater, he will not blow anyone away with outright foot speed, but rather has an elusive style that gets him where he needs to be. He’s very silky in his turns and is balanced laterally. Quenneville thinks the game through and picks his poison well. He likes to make that long transition pass and then jump into the rush as a supporting player. He possesses good hand-eye coordination to corral pucks, and delivers hard or soft pass on the tape. His handling of the puck has upside, but he needs to be a little stronger on the puck and not take chances when he is the last guy coming out of his zone. Quenneville has a hard-packed shot and has the quickness to get pucks through closing lanes. He can be a physical presence in defensive situations, stepping up to lay the body or crush an opponent along the wall. He can be a little too much of a stick-oriented defender who would rather use vision, speed and skill to pick an opponent clean instead of consistently closing off lanes with his balance frame. Quenneville has trouble boxing out bigger foes in front of the net and, hence, can get himself into penalty trouble with his stick work. He has very impressive vision and ability to see where his best option is to pinch for a chance. He communicates with his teammates and doesn’t get too worked up about anything.   (May 2016)