David Farrance

Aaron Vickers

A transitional offensive minded defenseman who skates very well and has skilled hands… a quick and agile skater…slick stick-handling abilities…thanks to his skating and puck-handling abilities, he can escape forechecking pressure…sees the entire sheet of ice as he carries the puck up ice and into the offensive zone…can be a threat with his precise puck movement or by delivering a quick shot…is dangerous as he skate the puck coast to coast at any time…knows when to jump into the play and keeps the risk of being caught up ice to a minimum…displays great gap control and positioning…not bad defensively although he doesn’t get physical enough…soft along the wall and little sense of urgency to his defensive play…projected as a strong possession player who can take the puck into the offensive zone, quarterback a power play and put up some points at the next level. (November 2016)