Dante Salituro

Darren Walker

Salituro is a quick, explosive and extremely shifty offensive dynamo. An all-situations winger, he has a solid base with lower body strength that allows him to take off in every direction. He accelerates in a few strides, most often when he is coasting before taking off with a ton of speed. On the rush, he knows where he needs to be in order to be an effective option and takes the puck to the net from all areas of the ice, showing off his goal-scorer’s mindset. He protects the puck very well as he cuts to the net, using his body to lean into the man and deke the netminder in the process. We love his quick thinking and ability to shoot into lanes with his stick down and presented to receive the pass, and get an immediate shot off or make a move to get to better ice. Salituro possesses a quick and blazing wrist shot that is accurate and can get through lanes both from stationary and in movement. He doesn’t quit on the puck, especially in the corners, as he fights for control against much larger opponents. On the negative side, along with his lack of size, Salituro tends to be a little too quick to escape the defensive zone without the puck and often neglects his defensive responsibilities. He also either plays the game at full throttle or right off the gas. A consistent engagement from the top-line winger and 67’s offensive catalyst would go a long way.   (May 2016)