Dante Fabbro

Darren Walker

Fabbro is an ultra-intelligent, defensively safe rearguard. He is very steady and calculated in his decision making. He doesn’t throw the puck away and he has ice in his veins. He does not have much of a dynamic flair in the way he distributes the puck, but he is very effective and accurate in his puck movement. Fabbro always hits the tape and he makes teammates better players by delivering the pucks in a timely fashion. He makes very composed plays, moving the puck out of his end and in transition. He can make a quick pass up to his winger or hold onto it and wait until passing lanes open up for him to spot another forward in the center lane or across the ice. On the power play, Fabbro shows he can move on the line to open shooting lanes, and he regularly performs switches with his defense partner, looking for open lanes for him to get a shot off. He has a real bullet of a point shot that is a good mix of hard and well-placed. He is a master at shaking off forecheckers breaking out and even controls the puck while using one hand on the stick and one hand to protect. He can get passes off under physical pressure on regroups or breaking out. Fabbro offers an all-around game that some of the more prolific puck-rushers lack, particularly on the defensive side and playing with composure under pressure. Fabbro is extremely tough to beat one-on-one because he’ll play the body and stay square to the player coming in on the rush. Away from the puck, he can keep forwards honest with a slash across the body as he’s tracking them in the defensive zone. He has impressive vision and defensive awareness, showing the ability to cover for missed assignments of others. We heard an NHL general manager say he could see Fabbro playing in the NHL next year and we don’t think that’s inaccurate at all. He had a very solid season on his way to being named the top defenseman in the BCHL.  (May 2016)