Daniil Zharkov

Aaron Vickers

A big and strong goal scoring winger. He has very good skating ability with a nice top gear and multi-directional mobility. He needs to improve his balance and added leg strength will likely help. He possesses good vision in the offensive zone, really impressive hands and elusiveness with the puck. He displays a strong stick and good puck protection skill using his natural size and reach. He isn’t afraid to crash and bang down low and along the boards but is not always actively aggressive
on the physical side of the game. He needs to be more aware of his surroundings as he can get rail-roaded with his head down. He lacks understanding of what to do and where to be without the puck and needs to work on his intelligence and two-way play. His shot selection is already pro-caliber — he gets plenty of velocity on them and seems to find the holes. Projection of what the finished product can be is what will have NHL teams looking his way early at the draft. His impressive combination of fluid mobility, quick agility, hard pro-type shot and puck skills are rare for a player of his size. (May 2012)