Daniil Miromanov

Aaron Vickers

Miromanov is a big, smooth skater who can be a solid offensive threat while also engaging physically. He was drafted by London of the OHL and then waived before joining the Titans. He is a fine skater and has a good stride, but his crossovers aren’t the cleanest. He is a really big kid, and has quick feet and good agility for his size. Miromanov’s balance is also a little suspect at this stage in his physical development. His offensive instincts are solid. He was able to follow a bouncing puck in the slot and get his stick on it for a shot on goal. He has good versatility, getting time on the penalty kill and power play this season with the Titans. Miromanov has skilled hands and likes to challenge defenders one-on-one with quick hand and head fakes. He protects the puck well along the wall and will drive the net. He has a very quick wrist shot and a dangerous one-timer. Miromanov can also make a play using solid vision and skilled hands. He comes in deep to support his defensemen in the defensive zone, and gets time on the penalty kill. He uses his size and agility to cover a lot of the ice, and takes away passing options. He will need to improve the energy and intensity he plays with to remain competitive at the next level. Miromanov is an extremely raw package who has plenty of bad habits, but a good coach and some time to grow into his body would allow him to be molded into a solid NHL prospect.   (May 2016)