Daniel Sprong

Darren Walker

Skilled goal scorer born and raised in the Netherlands before moving over to Quebec
to chase his dream of an NHL career. Sprong is an electric player in the offensive zone and can create
scoring chances from nothing. He is a well-rounded and dynamic skater who can beat you in so many
ways. He has an explosive skating base and can really fly. His acceleration and speed are unequivocally
elite. Sprong is dynamic and slippery with the puck. He relies on his separation speed and his
quick release to produce offense. Relies primarily on his ability to outskate opponents speed wise.
He seems to relish an opportunity to go one-on-one with a defender and he is successful more often
than not. Sprong has a goal scorer’s mentality and is relentless in his attack. Without the puck
he times his probes into scoring areas very well and has a knack for getting open moving forward in
the slot. He also possesses an incredible weapon in his absolute laser of a shot. He can really
wire the puck and picks corners with aplomb. His wrister release is lightning quick and he has
a cannon of a one-timer. Sprong isn’t strictly a goal scorer and he finds teammates well with
skilled passes. He reads the play effectively and has a knack for finding lanes to spring his
teammates. Sprong has incredible offensive potential and has the ability to put up elite point
totals. Sprong is a strong 190-pounds and his low skating base gives him added leverage
when defenders try to knock him off the puck. When he decides to go to the boards, he is
not afraid to battle, but often prefers to be in motion and look for a pass off the wall where
he can take it and go instead. Not one to engage physically but will give the business
back with his stick if hacked or cross-checked while looking for a scoring opportunity.  (May 2015)