Daniel Audette

Darren Walker

Pint-sized offensive playmaker with good bloodlines – father Donald was a scoring forward in the NHL. Audette is a very nice skater, despite having a short stride as he has lightning-quick feet and good agility. He is well-balanced from his lower body and can lean into defenders to keep them off, but does get outmuscled when going against stronger defenders. He is very quick with the puck and shows great touch, even at full speed. He is electrifying with the puck on his stick and not afraid to pull a high-end deke. Audette has deft touch, throwing saucer passes and hard passes, and using good judgement on how the puck has to get to his teammate. The puck can land on his stick and get over to the tape of a teammate in a split second. He has a nice wrist shot and quick release, and he can put it where he wants to. Also, he is clever at creeping around the offensive zone, waiting for his chance. He has great vision and hockey sense, but can play a little too individual of a game at times. He will finish hits selectively and avoids contact, making his physical game soft. His defensive game is also a weak area, along with physical strength. A one-dimensional, small, offensively gifted player at this point. (May 2014)