Daniel Altshuller

Aaron Vickers

A smooth butterfly style stopper. He moves so well laterally, because of his excellent footwork, and looks as thou he can slide post-to-post effortlessly. When he is on his game he is square to shooters and smart at directing his re- bounds to safe areas of the ice. He shows very strong focus and composure, and does not get rattled by high amounts of traffic or excessive shots. He actually looks better when he sees more pucks than when he sees twenty or fewer shots. Is exactly what you look for in a goaltender prospect, well sized, strong positionally, with the ability to either block a shot or use his athleticism to make a key saves. Biggest issue teams have is his inconsistency. When he is off, his positioning is all over the place and he has a hard time finding pucks in traffic. Despite an up and down rookie OHL season he is still considered a strong NHL prospect due to his raw talent. (May 2012)