Damon Severson

Aaron Vickers

A big and strong two-way defender with a good physical element to his game. He has good feet and a wide skating base, which allows him to remain balanced. He has a strong leg push that generates impressive speed. He’s calm when carrying the puck and recognizes when to rush it and when to pass it or just chip it away. He’s strong along the boards and plays with an edge. He has impressive strength and does a good job of managing the front of the net. He plays with his head up and shows patience with the puck, even when under pressure from the forecheck. At times he tries to be too cute with the puck in his own zone and can end up turning it over. He has the strength and jump to recover from mistakes most of the time. He plays with a good gap and shows nice closing speed. He plays the body and will drop the gloves when needed. He has the vision and hands to make nice passes. His shot is a cannon that he keeps low and on target. He has the ability to play big minutes and maintain a steady game. He has many NHL scouts excited because of the blend of physical and skilled play that he brings to the table. (May 2012)