Connor McDavid

Darren Walker

The best way to describe this kid in one word is: exceptional. An offensive threat with
tremendous speed, McDavid is lethal in transition and makes opponents step back because of his
ability to burn them quickly. He sees opportunities and pounces on them by using his speed to get to
open ice and create a passing lane for his teammates. Hands of gold make for quick, creative plays
and perfect passes consistently. His hockey IQ and vision are both top notch and he uses them to his
advantage on zone entries as he looks for options while slowing down the pace, showing patience
with the puck before ultimately passing it off or driving hard to the net. He forces the opposition
to make plays off the boards in transition up ice due to his abilities and applies pressure with his
skating and reach, causing opponents to hurry and make mistakes. He has an electric first step
and uses his speed and strength to leave opponents in the dust. McDavid elevates his play
over the course of the game, upping his effect on the game at crucial times. He uses his edges
to explode in every direction and can change speed (up and down) in no time at all, fooling
opponents in the process. While not consistently physical, he isn’t afraid to mix it up and has
no issues holding his own at this level. He is a very disciplined player who knows when to
engage in physical play and when to skate away. Finally, the fact that he doesn’t use all
of his talent in the offensive zone and saves something for the defensive zone as well is
impressive. He uses his speed to get back and break up plays by stripping players of the
puck. His versatility is something that really stands out, as he is the first one out to kill a
penalty and quarterback the powerplay. He is involved in all facets of the game and will
be an impact player at the NHL level next season.  (May 2015)