Connor Hobbs

Aaron Vickers

Hobbs is a rangy, two-way defender who shows ashes of skill in the offensive game. He is a good transitional skater whose powerful rst few strides help him gain considerable speed. He loves to rush the puck and is agile at high speed, keeping opponents unaware of his intended routes. Hobbs has a good mind for the game but sometimes his physical skills can be a little at. Heads-up passer who has a good eye for plays unfolding up the ice. He handles pucks well on his forehand and is quick and accurate in his distribution of the puck. Has some skilled hands but sometimes overcomplicates his game and never truly capitalizes on his individual efforts. His ashes of brilliance are negated at times by his lack of judgement and tentative play. Hobbs doesn’t have a great wrist shot to compliment his offensive game, but is able to pound through a hard slap shot on the power play. He defends well despite some erratic offensive endeavours. Maintains a good gap on the move and uses a skilled stick to regain possession of pucks. He is okay playing the body, but could use some refinement and added strength to consistently take his man out of the play. He isn’t overaggressive in his defensive approach and calmly goes about his business to break up plays and get pucks out of his zone. Shows good tools to recover and regain position on his opponents. We liked his confidence and patience with and without the puck but sometimes he can be too laid back, missing opportunities. We believe he is a raw prospect who just needs to work on shift-to-shift consistency. NHL teams will likely see a dynamic kid who has good size and will be malleable. (May 2015)