Connor Bunnaman

Aaron Vickers

Bunnaman is an aggressive, two-way center who contributes in all aspects of the game. He is strong defensively, picking up his check. He consistently is hard on the puck carrier and looks to force turnovers every chance he gets. He is a mainstay on the Rangers’ penalty killing unit as he anticipates the play very well and is an intimidating forechecker who forces the puck carrier into making rushed plays in the neutral zone. Fairly fluid and strong on his feet, Bunnaman is a heavy forward who the reads the play well and gets right on the man with the puck to quickly establish his presence and work to gain possession of the puck. An absolute beast on the wall, he can lay crushing hits when he sees the opportunity, and is able to absorb checks and stay upright on the wall. This big power forward can do more than be a physical presence though; he is extremely fast in pursuit and possesses above-average speed in his class. He is quick on the puck and is hungry to gain possession of the biscuit. Bunnaman also has a decent set of hands and quick release. He positions himself well in the offensive zone and shows off his ability to quickly settle bouncing pucks to get a shot off from the slot. He’s a bit of a project, but could surprise with his upside when he gains confidence and realizes what type of player he could become.   (May 2016)