Colton Sissons

Aaron Vickers

A strong two-way power forward type player and a strong wide powerful skater with good edges and a good first step. He can play in all situations and excel doing whatever his coach asks of him. He has a good frame to grow into. He goes into the danger areas and is hard to move when he plants himself in front of the net or along the wall. He is a natural leader that communicates well with his teammates, building them up and encouraging them but also adding some snarl when needed to light a fire. He backchecks hard, right down to his goal-line, and takes the body every chance he gets. He can be a physical force by taking a hit and staying on his skates or dropping the gloves to stand up for himself or a teammate. He does whatever it takes to win. He plays with his head up and can make a solid pass but is more of a shooter in the offensive zone, where he shows off his rocket slap shot. He has strong upper body strength and plays down low behind the net as well as goes into all the danger areas. He has good hands around the net. He consistently has the best work ethic of anyone on the ice. He seemed to always be the first one on the forecheck and the first one on the backcheck. He is very smart and can anticipate the play and where the puck will be. (May 2012)