Colton Point

Aaron Vickers

Point is a big, thick stopper who is able to cover the net with excellent athleticism to complement his build. He shows great technique and is often square to the puck. He gets to the top of his crease to challenge shots and takes away a huge portion of the net. Point shows great demeanor and calmness when dealing with a ton of traffic and chances from in tight. He doesn’t waver and keeps a poker face when up against extended pressure. Point keeps an active head to allow his sight line of the play to open. He sees the puck well and is able to snatch pucks up with his glove hand confidently. Point uses quick pushes to drive where he needs to be in the net and extends his pads well, enabling him to get to the far post without having to go on a marathon. When along the ice, he keeps his paddle on and uses an active stick to negate cross-crease passes or jam plays. Point moves laterally fairly quick enough to square up to shots and get set to make the save. He gets tight to the post quickly and effectively, while also showing his ability to get stretched out and get his legs across to make the save. He does a solid job of coming out and making the big save before getting to where he needs to be to stop the follow-up chances. Point does okay with limiting second chances by putting pucks to the corner or covering them up, though he often uses his athleticism to continue stopping shots in tight. He shows a desire to play the puck in a conservative manner. Consistency is the big issue that needs correction; that and seeing what he can do against better competition. He’s a project, but the raw ability is there.  (May 2016)