Colt Conrad

Aaron Vickers

Conrad is a high energy, skilled offensive kid. The Western Michigan University commit doesn’t show off blitzing speed, but he moves fairly well and is balanced on his skates. He has a nice combination of power and finesse. He showed willingness to battle and outwork his opponents for the puck on the forecheck and was relentless in his effort below the goal-line. He also shows nice poise with the puck, out-waiting the defenders in order for his teammates to get open. He gives a solid defensive effort, at times taking the role of a center in his own end and showing the ability to take the slot away from opposing players as well as the ability to support his defensemen low in the zone. He shows off a very quick, active stick and he was able to break-up plays with his smart reads and awareness in his own end. He works hard for puck possession and causes turnovers in the offensive zone. He illustrates impressive vision and playmaking skill, and is quick to make decisions with the puck. He shows off a quick, hard wrister and the instincts of knowing where to go for a strong scoring chance. The problems start when you look at his consistency and work ethic as he has multiple moments in each game when he just looks completely disinterested in the game, but can be a real nice offensive player, when he wants to be. (May 2015)