Colin White

Darren Walker

The Boston College commit is a strong two-way player who does many of the little
things a team needs to be a winner. He is a strong and talented center who relishes playing a 200-foot
game. White is a dynamic skater who is strong laterally and can start and stop on a dime. His powerful
first steps give him the ability to gain an advantage on his opponents in foot races. He uses his incredible
straight line speed to blow by defenders on the outside and push the pace, opening up lanes
with the puck on his stick by drawing defensemen in close. A smooth operator in the offensive zone
and with the puck on his stick. He surveys the ice for options before dialing up a skilled pass to a
streaking teammate. Quick, smart and smooth is his game. Loves to pass the puck and help set
up solid attempts, but will not turn down an opportunity to fire off a shot himself. Has a strong shot
with quick release, but it is his instincts of where to get to that make him a dangerous scorer.
White doesn’t flash with a bevy of creative tricks when he has the puck; he simply holds it, protecting
it and keeping it until he finds an option. A very patient player who is an opportunistic
offensive threat. Has a nose for the net and is great at timing arriving pucks and getting off a
quickly released one-timer. White plays all situations. Uses an active mind and well developed
defensive tools to get a jump to disrupt the play and cause a turnover. He is relied on
in key situations and important face-offs, winning most of his draws. He gets down low in
the face-off circle, getting his stick parallel to the ice and using his quick reaction time and
strength to win the draw cleanly. White does the little things right. He is strong on the wall
and fights for the puck hard. He is a safe bet to support his defense and dig in along the
boards consistently or if he thinks his teammate has the upper hand he will support just
outside of the scrum, awaiting the loose puck. Has leadership qualities oozing out of
him and was the captain of the NTDP U18’s this past season.  (May 2015)