Coda Gordon

Aaron Vickers

A big, non-typical goal scoring power forward. His skating stride is the first thing that jumps out at you: It’s very ugly. He’s also got slow feet out of the gate and definitely needs to work on his first step quickness and overall stride power. He is strong on his skates though and able to maintain his positioning with his core strength and balance. He seems very comfortable operating off the boards in the offensive zone and makes his office at the front of the net. He definitely has a goal scorer’s instincts, always finding an empty spot near the net while keeping his feet moving. He is a very passive player, preferring to get open or provide an option for a teammate rather than control the puck himself. He shows off his hands and his ability to create space for himself with his reach. He tends to stand around quite a bit in his own zone and does not play physical as he uses his body well for positioning but doesn’t really play with any sort of anger. If he puts on some weight, improves his feet and develops a bit of an assertive side, he could be a very good NHL forward. (May 2012)