Clark Bishop

Darren Walker

Bishop is an energetic player who likes to get in and play in those dirty areas while he finishes his checks. He has great speed and a compete level that’s through the roof. His first few steps are explosive, and he has the balance to battle hard in tight spaces and along the walls. His hands leave something to be desired — his touch is a little awkward, but he can pull some really slick moves on the rush from time to time. His shot is quick, but doesn’t have great velocity or accuracy. Is most dangerous offensively within 10 feet of the opposition’s crease. He dishes out hard hits and shows the ability to play a strong cycle game too. Bishop is awesome as a penalty killer, and can make things hard with his work rate, intensity on the puck and speed. He supports his defensemen well in his own zone and comes back hard on the backcheck. A beast on the PK getting into lanes and blocking shots. The type of hockey player that every team needs to have to win championships as he is not afraid or unwilling to do the dirty work or pay the price to win. (May 2014)