Christopher Gibson

Aaron Vickers

An average sized butter y style goaltender who makes himself look bigger than he really is when he gets between the pipes. Subscribes to the JS Giguere puck-blocking school rather than making the athletic reaction save, despite possessing good athleticism. Does not get caught scrambling or out of position very often. Carried a weaker Chicoutimi team this year with big game after big game. Comes out and aggressively challenges shooters to get the puck through him. Has good quick pads that can shoot out in a ash. Tends to open up when pushing both directions while going laterally. Has a below average glove that he tends to get beat by. A work in progress that has some good potential, but not overly re ned at this time. Some NHL teams like the Finnish/British products potential while others see years of development time. He is a bit of a draft wildcard at this time. (May 2011)