Christophe Lalancette

Aaron Vickers

A talented and smart two-way winger. Has good speed but is not very explosive, his stride looks good but lack of strength prevents him from getting more out of it. He moves the puck extremely well and is very deliberate almost cerebral on the ice. He is an above average puck handler but doesn’t use a lot of flash and dash but will make a move or two on defenders. Is a smart player with strong hockey sense. Plays with good effort levels as he is always involved and in the play no matter what zone the puck is in. Not the biggest fan of hard-nosed physical play likely due to his lack of functional strength, but has shown some grit with his willingness to take the puck to the net and into traffic. Particularly good at dodging hits and keeping pos- session of the puck in the offensive zone. Understands positioning and displays this knowledge both in the offensive end as well as defensively. Plays regularly on the PK and the second unit PP and put up very impressive offensive numbers as a QMJHL rookie on a deep team. (May 2012)