Christian Jaros

Aaron Vickers

Jaros is a powerful forward skater, with a long stride and average foot speed. He doesn’t
have tremendous quickness when trying to turn and recover on defense, but has improved his
pivots and takes powerful strides. He is very mobile for his size. Will pinch from the blue line to
generate offensive pressure and add a passing lane if needed. Jaros is quick to pressure the
winger at the blue line and remove him from the puck to prevent a rush and force him to defend
going back into his zone. He is a proactive player who makes good use of his stick to separate
the man and the puck, but will neglect the easy poke at times in favour of laying a hit on the
wall to remove the puck that way. Makes good plays in the defensive zone as he anticipates
and reacts well. Dives to block shots and collapses to the net to deny a quality scoring chance.
Pushes defenders back as he carries the puck up ice with confidence; teammates stand at the
blue line waiting for Jaros to gain the zone before he pulls up and sends a leading pass to a
teammate coming into the zone across the ice. Seems to always make the right play, especially
in transition.  (May 2015)