Christian Fischer

Aaron Vickers

Fischer is a Notre Dame commit who plays a solid two way game. He displays some good offensive
tools to go along with his size and defensive play. Not the quickest skater but he moves
fairly well and will get from point-A to point-B effectively. He can improve his foot-speed, though.
He isn’t super creative with the puck, but illustrates tremendous vision with the puck and the
ability to make feeds from the outside or from below the goal line to create a scoring chance.
Fischer is tough to compete with in the offensive zone as he outworks and outmuscles most
players down low. He is very strong on the puck and tough to contain. 215-pounds stuffed into
a six-foot-one frame, the guy is a dump truck on ice. He uses his size well to win the puck and
make plays off the boards and out of the corners. He is extremely talented in puck protection
and likes to drive the net. He also likes to place himself in front of the net and it’s entertaining
watching defenders try to move him. He also has a heavy shot, which makes his power forward
game very impressive. He is not a skilled one-on-one puck handler, not an overly creative offensive
player and not overly speedy. Also, he prefers to use the simple plays and utilize his power
game to produce chances, showing little evidence of high-end hockey sense and leaving doubt
that he will be a top six forward at the next level.  (May 2015)