Christian Djoos

Aaron Vickers

Offensively skilled and defensively responsible two-way defender. An agile and quick footed skater who can carry the puck out of danger or rush it deep into the offensive zone because of his feet. Smooth skater, moves around well in all directions. Djoos is extremely smart on the ice, especially with the puck on his stick, but also a good decision-maker defensively. Dishes crisp passes, creative on the point, making smart decisions on whether or not to shoot it or dump it deep if his lane is closing, whether it’s on the power play or during even strength play. Not a physical defenseman, more of a positional reading-the-play type, but not reluctant to defend and take care of his own end. Gives it his best effort and tries to help out his teammates with smart plays in the defensive end to make their situation easier. Has some high- end potential for a team that can wait for his physical frame and strength to develop. Christian is the son of former NHLer Pär Djoos. (May 2012)