Chris Bigras

Darren Walker

Bigras is an ultra-safe and responsible two-way defender. He possesses a smooth and fleet-footed stride that generates a good amount of speed. He can keep up to opponents with quick pivots and solid edge work. He’s a smart defender who looks after his own zone first and foremost with patience and poise. He’s not overly aggressive and not one to deliver many big hits but rather rubs his checks out effectively along the wall and utilizes strong sense defensive to defend. Still, Bigras could improve his strength and balance though he’s rarely beat as he shows strong positioning, an active stick and excellent gap control, knowing where the lanes are to get his body in front of coming shots or cross zone passes. He does not panic with the puck on his stick while trying to clear his zone and will go for the simple, safe play with the puck over trying anything creative. There’s not much offensive upside to his game but can carry the puck and start the breakout before dishing it off to a streaking forward. He has a good point shot and gets it on net more so to cause rebounds than to beat a goalie clean. Bigas is the type of defender you want to stick with a puck rusher because you know he will pick up the defensive slack when needed. (May 2013)