Chaz Reddekopp

Aaron Vickers

He’s a hard-nosed defender who is responsible in his own zone and is an asset on the penalty kill. Reddekopp is at times an unbalanced skater. He has decent straight line speed and form; however, his footwork in tight is a little clumsy. We like his overall athleticism and don’t think his skating is a problem. He pivots well and has a good technical stride. He may not have the quickest feet yet, but he’ll be fine. Reddekopp has the ability to move the puck effectively; however, he is very inconsistent. His accuracy is hit or miss and he has costly brain cramps at times. Reddekopp looks uncomfortable in the offensive zone. He is limited in his creativity and is very risk averse. When the puck comes to him at the point it’s usually either a quick shot on net or dumped back into a corner. While he will likely never put up big point totals, he is very strong in his own end. He is a lean 215-pounds and his upper body strength is evident in board battles and at the net front. He doesn’t get beat often and shows pride in being tough in his own end. Has a nasty physical edge and mashes guys in the corners or buries opponents into the glass. Reddekopp’s NHL ready size and defensive prowess makes him one of the safer picks out of the west (May 2015)