Chase Perry

Darren Walker

Perry has pretty good size, and impressive poise and awareness in net. He plays with good posture and confidence in himself. He positions well in net and has a strong understanding of his position for a goaltender his age. He positions his hands well and has effective mobility in both his glove and blocker. He does a good job directing shots with his blocker side, but has some issues handling shots to his glove. Perry’s footwork in goal is strong and he is able to set up effectively in net, working the borders of his crease and coming out aggressively on the shooter. His awareness is strong, and he has a good sense for the play in front of him, with quick reaction speed and timing in goal. Perry is mobile laterally, getting across quickly and covering ground efficiently, while making himself big to take space from shooters. Perry’s main issues this season were consistency and rebound control. He does a decent job controlling higher shots, but there are times when he will give up some very poor rebounds from lower shots and he’ll direct pucks into traffic. His game-to-game consistency was also a bit of an issue during the season. (May 2014)