Charlie Coyle

Aaron Vickers

A big body forward with good wheels and a high skill level. Is not a individualistic player but has a rather low key quiet personality who leads his team by just being one of the guys despite his superior skill set. Has good speed and agility with the ability to carry the puck and make multiple moves to beat opponents. Can do it all from make plays with his outstanding on-ice vision and passing skill as well as finish with a strong accurate shot. Plays the game with a solid amount of physicality and is willing to run opponents over if they get in his way. Is a tireless worker who does all the little things despite his obvious offensive skills. Is smart and has outstanding offensive anticipation. Level of competition is sub-standard when compared to most of the other top end NHL draft prospects. Is seen as a long term project pick because his all-round game is rather raw. Has a good shot but seems to always look pass first which will be quickly read at a higher level. Upside has a ceiling as he lacks the ash and upside of some of the more offensively gifted draft prospects. (May 2010)