Chandler Stephenson

Aaron Vickers

A very smart offensively creative player. His skating is a bit odd as it never seems like he’s trying 100%, but always ends up in the right spots at the right times. He showed the ability to find holes in the offensive zone but then waits for the opportunity to come to him. He has a decent shot this is more quick than hard. His lack of battle in corners and around the ice is a concern. A highly skilled player that has some great on-ice vision and the hockey sense to be a real impact player. Showed a strong ability on the forecheck, to read the play, position himself accordingly and interrupt the breakout. Defensively responsible and made some nice passes, both a good scorer and playmaker. Not the tallest guy, but he’s thick and protects the puck well. Great hands, but has major issues with consistently going to the dirty areas of the ice. He needs to ramp up the compete level in his game to take the next step in his development. (May 2012)