Chad Krys

Darren Walker

Krys is an extremely talented defenseman who displays superior skating abilities that allow him to jump into the play and then get back into his defensive position. A driver of the play, he loves to be in control of the puck as he kick starts the rush with a crisp breakout pass, or a little skate through the zones before making a clean pass to an open teammate. Krys has impressive puck skills as he escapes his check with speed and poise and can dangle through defenders before passing off to the open man. He possesses good speed on the attack and makes strong passes all over the ice. He shows control from the point on the power play, looking great moving the puck along the line and looking comfortable under pressure. We would like to see him fire the puck more instead of always trying to find teammates with passes. Krys isn’t strictly an offensive guy; he has a knack for being in the right place at the right time in his own zone. His awareness in his own end is solid sometime, but head-scratching at others. He is often in position, but does not make the obvious defensive play that is staring him in the face. Size may be an issue at the next level as he actually plays smaller than he is, but he sometimes makes up for lack of size with quickness and the way he moves on the ice. Krys can take risks with the puck at times and needs to play a safer game on the offensive side of the ledger.   (May 2016)