Carter Verhaeghe

Aaron Vickers

Verhaeghe is a potential playmaking power centre. He can look like he is lumbering and skating in slush at times and then others he has impressive burst and top speed. This issue and inconsistency is likely to be corrected with added leg strength and better conditioning. He has the hands to control the puck at speeds and make some skilled plays with it to retain possession. He also uses his size to protect the puck and is con dent in this aspect of his skills. He shows as a talented playmaker that makes consistent tape-to-tape passes with impressive crispness. He reads the play very well and knows where his teammates will and should be, then gets the puck to that spot in good time. He isn’t shy to go to the greasy areas of the ice and will take abuse for the real-estate. He has a decent shot and can clean up down low but is a more proficient playmaker than scorer. He’s solid in the dot and uses his size and reach to his advantage. He’s not overly physical but will finish his check and defensively gets his stick into lanes and comes back deep into his zone to cover and make himself an option. He’s a solid PK option due to his reach and smarts. Verhaeghe is raw but possesses some strong potential that could really blossom and surprise next season. (May 2013)