Carter Hart

Aaron Vickers

Hart is a very mature, fluid and athletic goalie who moves seamlessly through his crease. He does not have an overly imposing frame, but his ability to effortlessly slide through the crease makes him tough to beat under any circumstance. He energetically follows the play, maintaining excellent position while tracking the puck and remaining in a strong stance from which he can quickly and powerfully push off to cover lateral space. He looks very confident and does not seem to waver in his focus at any point. While Hart tracks the play and keeps good angles, there are times when he does cheat a little bit while playing the percentages. When on his knees in the butterfly, he relies on athleticism and instinct to throw his body at high pucks. As he doesn’t have the natural size to simply let high shots hit him when he is in the butterfly, he drops down to his knees, then almost immediately jumps up to take away high shots around his head and shoulders. He does not show any spectacular puckhandling ability—like springing forwards with a heady pass or trying to fake forecheckers—but Hart can come out and stop pucks, setting them up for his defenders or moving the puck away from a dangerous forecheck. He isn’t the biggest goalie around, but he has great poise and he regularly makes tough saves when his team needs him most. In doing so, he creates confidence throughout his team in front of him, and that is reflected in his confident, focused demeanor.   (May 2016)