Carsen Twarynski

Aaron Vickers

Twarynski is a big-bodied winger who is at his best when he keeps his feet moving and plays a physically aggressive style. He uses his speed, physical play and IQ to be effective defensively and open up his game offensively. He has very good wrist and slap shots that are consistently hard and looking to pick corners. Twarynski moves the pucks well and can spring a teammate with a quick and decisive pass flat on the tape. He uses his strength and legs well to aid controlling the puck for longer periods of time in the offensive zone and along the wall, leading to some quick scoring chances. He has a good thought process and takes high-percentage routes to the net, paying the price if need be. Twarynski consistently uses his speed in the defensive end to keep coverage tight. He keeps his stick down in good position to cover passing lanes or to sweep at an opponent before he pulls the puck away from him. He closes to his man quickly and forces quick decisions that limit the options of his opponents. Twarynski gets real deep into the defensive zone to support, and plays with energy and physicality. He’s not overly aggressive—looking for big hits or head hunting—but he does not like being denied and works hard to keep his feet moving through checks. He showed this season that he can be a key part of the team and play in any role asked of him. We would temper any expectations for high-end point production, but guys with his size, speed and skill always are in high demand at the next level.  (May 2016)