Cameron Lizotte

Aaron Vickers

Lizotte is a big, physically imposing defender who has a nasty side to his game. He controls below the hash marks in his zone with cross checks, tight play to his man, and crushing checks into the wall, which make opponents think twice about entering the zone on his side. He is physically mature and has the power to really hurt opponents with his checks. His defensive game is still developing; he is relied on to kill penalties and shows very good coverage, but his even strength defensive game is a little spotty. He does a very good job of angling opponents into the wall, standing his ground and muscling the attacker off the puck. He often pulls himself out of position and can frequently drop to block shots, which pull him out of position. Skating is an area that he could improve: he has a solid base but is a little off-balance at times and shows choppy movements while taking extremely wide turns, due to a lack of agility. When moving north-south, he uses his power to generate speed and quickly get up into the play up ice or truck it back to pick up loose pucks. Has a solid shot but could use some work on his release. Passes are either right on target or too hot to handle. While he is a raw prospect, there is a lot to like with his natural aggressive attitude and willingness to get involved. (May 2015)