Cam Dineen

Aaron Vickers

Dineen is a versatile, intelligent, two-way defenseman who plays in all situations. He displays his quick feet to make the right play and defend the man as the play approaches. He closes the gap very well and is quick to make a play back up ice once he gets the puck. Dineen protects the puck very well as he slides his shoulder down, into the man, and moves the puck away from his check as he turns off the man. On the breakout and in transition, he sees the ice in front of him, making one pass that leads to another and helps to push the play up ice, hitting his man with a crisp pass at the right time before following it up by skating behind the pass. He never seems to take his foot off the gas, showing his impressive two-way play. He displays excellent puck-movement and a strong shot on the power play. His patience really stands out when either passing, shooting or waiting for the best option to be there. He chooses the right type of shot based on the situation, not rushing anything and waiting for the right lane. He does a very good job of opening space in the offensive zone with fast movement and quick feet along the blueline to make crisp passes to the free man. He keeps his head on a swivel, is aware of the options and the play developing, and just seems to know where the puck is at all times. Dineen maintains the gap well and closes in at just the right time.  (May 2016)