Calvin Pickard

Aaron Vickers

An impressive employer of positional play and using his body to block shots more so than play a re ex based game is the style that Pickard utilizes. That is not to say the decent sized tender can not recover or make second and third saves as he does have good recovery ability, just that he does so in such a compact way with little wasted movements. A calm but con dent demeanor and worker like attitude that allows him to stay focused and maintain composure. Sees the puck through traffic well and rarely gets out of position. Maintains strong angles and is always square to the shooter. Technical skills are A+. Level of play has been consistently strong all season for a team that was very weak defensively. Needs to take his conditioning to the next level. His athleticism does not look as strong as say Jack Campbell or Max Clermont in this draft class but his technical skills are far superior than anyone else in the draft. Does not have the quick ashy glove and his lateral mobility needs to improve. (May 2010)