Callum Booth

Darren Walker

Booth is a big goalie who is very calm and fluid in his net. He is a very subtle goalie who
doesn’t show a lot of flash in his play, but makes the first save. Tries to keep rebounds to a minimum,
with mixed results, and mitigates risk by trying to kick or direct everything to the corners.
However, he often leaves juicy rebounds or kicks them out back into play. He’s a very athletic
goalie with smooth skating for that age and explosiveness post-to-post. He shows a great glove
and really nice reflexes. He is very good down low in the butterfly and has the ability to pick the
puck up relatively late before making the save. He sometimes slides out of position, but does a
great job of getting back quickly. One major weakness is his balance in the crease. Has a negative
tendency to fall flat on his stomach when moving laterally in his crease; plays where he has
to get across quickly. Goalies should remain “big” in the net and by falling forward he continually
exposes the entire top half of the net. With more focus on some technique issues, he can turn
out to be a pretty good goalie in the future. We love his upside due to his size and athleticism.  (May 2015)