Callahan Burke

Aaron Vickers

Burke is a high energy guy who seems to never take his foot off the gas, constantly fore-checking
and forcing turnovers without the puck and making stellar passing plays with the puck. He is
a firecracker with a physical edge to his game that perfectly compliments his playmaking abilities.
He is a pass first player, always looking to create plays for his teammates rather than shoot
it himself. When Burke enters the zone, he isn’t very eager to cut to the middle, instead slowing
down and sliding down the wall to scope out his options. He activates his feet when he sees an
opportunity off the rush to create a passing lane. Not afraid to go into the dirty areas, driving the
net and crashing with bigger defenders in the process. Not an overly skilled puck handler, but
can make a move or two to elude defenders; he keeps it in close until he uses his reach to pull
it slightly to the outside to get a shot or pass off around bodies. He has all the confidence in the
world when dishing the puck. His little side steps around attackers open a wealth of space for
him to make a play, exploiting open lanes and dishing crisp passes that lead his man and put
his team in a better position. The University of Notre Dame commit can be reliable defensively,
flying back on the back check to get the puck and help start the transition up ice. Pressures
attackers on the penalty kill and provides them with little time and space to make a play.  (May 2015)