Caleb Jones

Aaron Vickers

Jones is a good skater, with a good stride and good speed to join a rush and then get back
quickly. He shows some puck skill that would be expected of someone related to Seth, who is a
confident puck-carrier. But their games are not overly similar. Caleb is more defensively-minded.
He moves well with the puck and shows some real confidence in his abilities. He plays
with excellent poise and patience. He makes some heady, quick plays with the puck, sending
his forwards up the ice with excellent, well-timed feeds. His puck-movement on the PP is also
impressive, as he shows the ability to take a hard feed at the point from down-low and make
good, efficient cross-ice feeds in the offensive end. He is smart with the puck, whether it is finding
a good passing lane or making a shooting decision. He doesn’t have a big blast shot from
the point but instead keeps his shots low and towards the net. He isn’t huge physically like his
brother and will not destroy anyone with his physical play, but he has a bit more of a natural nasty
edge to his game than Seth does. He plays the corners and the boards hard, showing good
toughness. He plays an efficient game on defense, getting in good position to take away space
and to take away the lanes to the net. He will need to add strength, but at this level and against
college competition he can force guys wide. Has the ability to log ice-time in all situations.  (May 2015)