Cale Morris

Aaron Vickers

Morris is a pretty athletic netminder who can carry the responsibility of playing extremely heavy minutes as a potential future NHL starter needs to. He moves well laterally and shows he can cover a lot of net by making himself look bigger to the shooter with proper angels and by aggressively challenging the shooter. His rebound control is efficient as he swallows up a lot of pucks, taking away the second shots from the opposition or directing the puck toward the corners or up into the netting to relieve pressure. He has a strong pokecheck that eliminates opponents getting too close to his crease as he quickly pokes the puck away from the shooter or cuts off cross-crease passes. He plays more of a compact butterfly style, implementing quick lateral movements and tracking of the puck to make his saves rather than just blocking it with positioning and angles. Morris still opens up too many holes when he moves and can lose his net a little when going post-to-post. He seals off the ice well with his pads as they lay flat on the ice. The problem is that in doing a great job at closing off the bottom, he opens up the top corners. Morris challenges the shooter aggressively to make the perfect shot, but also keeps himself in position to make the second and third saves when necessary. He plays the puck well and with poise from behind his net, and if he happens to get pressured, he does not make rushed decisions with it.  (May 2016)