Brycen Martin

Darren Walker

A dependable two-way blueliner. His skating is superb. He shows dynamic footwork to go along with an effortless stride. He is a pass-first transition player, but can also rush the puck when given the space to do so. Very good hands allow him to make quick adjustments and maintain possession against the forecheck. His smarts are his most impressive attribute as he seems to never panic. Martin never makes any truly dominant plays, but his calming presence and reliability in distributing the puck is phenomenal. He seems to find acutely precise and quietly spectacular ways to get the puck to his teammates, whether it is making a couple nimble steps to get around opponents or simply accelerating to quickly change the pace. It may not always stick out, but these plays are some of what makes him a very good pro prospect. Martin can be a little inconsistent in the defensive zone. He is able to keep close gaps because of his skating ability, but lacks the strength to keep guys in check. He does a good job of occasionally throwing a check and pinning the guy to the boards to brie y take him out of the play. We would like to see him bulk up so he doesn’t have to rely as much on his stick to win battles. Keeps good position in his own zone. (May 2014)