Brock Boeser

Darren Walker

The University of North Dakota recruit for next season proved to be a goal scorer of
the natural variety. He has great instincts that get him to where the puck will be, in good time and opening himself up to get off a strong shot. He is strong with the puck in possession and protects it with his strength and long reach. His one-timer shot is off his stick in an instant and behind the goalie often
before they realize he has become a scoring threat. Boeser is not the fastest skater around but he
uses what speed he has to forecheck hard and forces defenders to make mistakes. Very strong on
the puck and has a deadly quick release after he scopes out the exact spot he wants to hit. Likes
to take a quick snap shot on the rush from the top of the circles just off the ice which forces the
goalie to make a kick save creating rebounds. Fully engages physically on the wall. Boeser is
hard and fast in puck pursuit, forcing the opposition to panic and make bad decisions with the
puck. Once in possession, Boeser makes it hard to separate him from the puck as he protects
it with his strength and uses his creative hands to make some magic and keep the puck on a
string. Possesses such smooth hands once he has the puck under control, looking poised
and confident with every handle. Confident with the puck; dishes some perfectly executed
passes as he sees lanes develop and exploits open space by delivering smooth, easy to
control passes. Adapts well to the play around him as he sees the puck coming to the net
and decided to explode into the slot for a chance to bury the rebound. His hands are really
strong and he makes great dekes. His area is in front of the net and he is the king of
the crease–playing that role perfectly. Shows strength in the face-off circle and uses his
physical maturity to find success in using his body to separate the man from the puck
while also finishing his checks.  (May 2015)