Brian Hart

Aaron Vickers

A big power winger who utilizes his size and strength over his opponents to the fullest advantage. He skates well with both decent straight line speed and strong balance. He is surprisingly quick on his feet for such a big, and still grow- ing, body. He is strong on the puck down low and dominates in puck battles. He creates havoc for defenders by coming off the wall and driving to the net with the puck like a bull in a china shop. His wrist shot is one of the hardest in the entire draft and he can rifle it with little time and space. He has nice vision and makes solid, heady passes. He is very smart and uses every advantage he has to his benefit. He could use a lot of work in his defensive game. He has good hockey sense and knows where to be on the ice in each situation. He has strong leadership skills, on-ice intensity and a good work ethic that forces others to follow the example he sets. He possesses All-American soccer skills and has had plenty of scholarship offers for that sport before deciding a hockey career would be his aim. (May 2012)