Brian Cooper

Aaron Vickers

A solid two-way defenseman who likes to play the body. Has excellent feet; great agility allows him to change directions smoothly at a moment’s notice; great balance. Is sneaky fast; accelerates very quickly allowing him to activate and join the rush, make up space to defend, or win races to loose pucks. A willing physical participant- not afraid of contact, but certainly picks his spots to hit; opponents have to be aware that Cooper will step up and flatten them in open ice. Will take a hit to make a play, but also puts himself in a position where the force of the hit sort of rolls off of him. Feisty competitor, especially in his own zone. Makes crisp passes tape to tape, and uses excellent vision to “pass teammates open.” Does a great job quarterbacking a power play; has poise and patience with the puck on his stick and the creativity to make plays, especially with extra time and space. Not getting the same offensive opportunity this season as he did last year. (May 2012)